Certification body accredited to ACCREDIA - PRS n° 116C Certipass elected by Amazon Science among the most innovative companies Certipass joins the 'Repubblica Digitale' of the Ministry for technological innovation and digital transition

Merchant where it is possible to use the bonus dedicated by MIUR to teachers Member of the EU workshop dedicated to updating the e-Competence Framework Member of the DigComp2.1 update committee

Accreditation MIUR for the training of school staff in accordance with the directive n. 170/16 Accreditated in the European Commission Transparency Register Interlocutor of the Public Administration, through the Electronic Market

EIPASS | European Informatics Passport

Certify your digital competences, qualify and add value to your Curriculum Vitae in order to facilitate your access into labour market.

The EIPASS programme for the certification of digital qualifications states the ICT competences, as described by international standards based on the new Europass curriculum; in fact, similar to the case of language skills, digital skills may now be indicated on a specific table.
All the EIPASS certificates are devised on common standards at international level: this is a determining aspect for the recognition of the digital certificate in different countries and is moreover of significant use to companies requiring qualified personnel.


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EIPASS services are distributed through the network of center licensed to issue EIPASS certifications worldwide.

All public or private educational and formative centers, may be accredited, such as Educational Institutions of any level, as well as Universities and training centers having all the requirements and quality standards in accordance with international terms and as required by CERTIPASS.