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CERTIPASS, is the provider of EIPASS (European Informatics Passport), the international programme that certifies the users' ICT competencies. It establishes, implements, maintains and continuously improves a quality management system, including the necessary processes and their interactions, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024.


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DIDASKO Platform

Our most advanced platform for Users, Supervisors and Ei-Centers

For users

You have a dedicated space on our platform, which you can access with your username and password, where you can find the selected certification path and several other services.

You can access all the teaching materials to prepare for the certification exam. You have the option to request assistance, at any time, through the chat messaging service. You can monitor your progress with the Competency Chart, which is updated from time to time to report on your accomplishments.

  • DIDASKO is accessible 24/7, from the web, without having to install anything on your device.
  • Your account has a duration of 3 years from the moment of activation.
  • Invoices, certificates and useful documents are all present with a single access to your dedicated area.

For Supervisors

As an EIPASS operator, you have access to a dedicated area from where you independently manage all activities planned for your role as an EIPASS supervisor.

Monitor the exam sessions you are associated with, and manage the documents you need to carry out the activities. Quick access to all helpful services: communications, voicemail services and messages.

  • DIDASKO allows you to carry out your role as an EIPASS Supervisor easily and easily.
  • Your account is accessible 24-7/7.
  • The support content to allow, and thus tasks for your role are still available in your account.

For the Ei-Center

Manage all tasks independently via the intuitive and smart interface. View subscription trends and user preferences at all times. In the download area, you have all the necessary documentation to manage and promote your Ei-Center.

You can view an up-to-date report of your subscribers' activities and download the platform’s user guide for any doubt. You may call or make a telephone appointment for business, management and education questions.

  • DIDASKO is a web-based platform that simplifies the operations related to the management of EIPASS certifications.
  • Supporting documentation, data control and inventory are always available and up to date.
  • Visibility is maximized with free entry to the search engine Search an Ei-Center, a showcase to illustrate all the strengths of your center.