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CERTIPASS, is the provider of EIPASS (European Informatics Passport), the international programme that certifies the users' ICT competencies. It establishes, implements, maintains and continuously improves a quality management system, including the necessary processes and their interactions, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024.


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The value of the EIPASS IT certification

School and University

Within educational and academic institutions, EIPASS IT certification is recognised as a benchmark for the acquisition and assessment of students' IT and digital skills. Obtaining an EIPASS certification allows the student different opportunities for recognition, depending on the program design and study plans of their institution.

Here are some areas in which the EIPASS certification is regularly included and evaluated.

  • As ECTS credits at university
  • As high School Credit
  • Exemption from data processing examination

Curriculum and Career

Acquiring and certifying IT skills is the first step for anyone who wants to access or retrain in the world of work.

If you’re in the absence of computer literacy and other digital competencies, employers hesitate to consider you as a candidate or they consider you a second-class employee, with no growth potential. The EIPASS certificate ensures efficiency in the use of the computer and the office automation software, increasing professional self-confidence, motivation and productivity. In this way employers benefit from reduced labour costs and time management.

In the Europass Curriculum,, the most widely used European CV model, there is a specific item "Digital Skills", in which it is requested to include the qualifications obtained and the related IT skills.

We provide a brief guide on how to create a good CV and insert EIPASS certifications. Click here.