7 modules user

Leads to obtaining the European Informatic Passport; the most used and recognised IT certificate in all areas.
Enrol online € 244,00

  • ICT Fundamentals
  • Web browsing
  • Web collaboration
  • IT Security
  • Word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations

To be completed within 3 years of registration


  • Familiarising with the hardware part of the computer, the different type of networks and connecting to the internet, organising files and folders, installing and uninstalling programmes.
  • Exchanging information through email, managing mail boxes and related applications, utilising the most diffused cloud services and collaborating through smart phone or tablet
  • Surfing the web, using the browser correctly, managing settings, and preferred chronologies.
  • Protecting accounts and data from hacker abuse and utilising backup and retrieval facilities
  • Looking for useful information using shortcuts, using search engines and other criteria.
  • Working with texts, spreadsheets and presentations, with office automation softwares of Microsoft Office Suite.

How can I achieve EIPASS 7 Modules User?

EIPASS 7 Modules User can be achieved in two ways: in a licensed EIPASS Center and entirely Online.


  • Reserved access on DIDASKO Platform
  • Compatible with PC, mobile and TV
  • Video on demand
  • Handouts
  • Unlimited exercises
  • Automatic tutoring
  • Chat assistance
  • Unlimited access
  • Online Final examination
  • EIPASS Certificate of completion
  • Certificate of Attendance