CERTIPASS has entered into a partnership with AFRALTI, the African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute, which has chosen the EIPASS programs for the certification of the computer user’s digital skills.
AFRALTI is an Inter-Governmental Institute established in 1991 to supplement and spearhead ICT development efforts mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This collaboration aims to spread the skills necessary for the conscious use of digital devices, the Internet and productivity applications.

The CERTIPASS Sole Director, Dr. Mario Palmiero, commented on the start of activities with AFRALTI as follow:
As an international certification body, we have always felt the responsibility to educate and raise awareness among citizens on the issues of digital skills, not only because we firmly believe that the production system cannot ignore having digitally competent human resources, but also and above all because a citizen aware of their digital rights and duties, is a happier citizen and able to dispose of his future.

This partnership allows us to operate with a prestigious and solid body, which operates at an Intergovernmental level in Lesotho, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Kingdom of Eswatini, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

I firmly believe that together we will reach important goals and great satisfactions”.

During the signing of the MoU the AFRALTI Director, Mr. William Baraza said, “With our focus being developing human resource capacity in the area of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) so as to catalyze the socio-economic development of the region, partnering with CERTIPASS will see AFRALTI accomplish its core mandate by promoting digital literacy where students will acquire digital competences virtually leading to the relative certification. AFRALTI will liverage its African footprint to ensure that the courses on offer are taken up beyond the Sub-Saharan Africa.”

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The University Roma Tre has chosen CERTIPASS to allow all its students to independently enhance their digital skills.

The University’s goal is to promote contents that reinforce key skills, as part of the professional training project and strengthening the immediate employability of students. All this through the EIPASS 7 modules user, that aims to the acquisition and certification of skills necessary to use the basic tools available on Personal Computer and on the Internet in an ethical and productive manner.

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CERTIPASS is a member of All Digital, the updating committee of DigComp Framework.

The goal of All Digital, which we share and support, is to assist European citizens who have an insufficient level of digital skills.
This means that they are less likely to find work, to use online services, to have a better quality of life, to be included in today’s society.

On the basis of DigComp, the European Framework for the competence of Digital Citizen, we create all our EIPASS certification paths.

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CERTIPASS adheres to the “Repubblica Digitale”.

“Repubblica Digitale” is the national strategic initiative promoted by the Department for digital transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with the aim of tackling the cultural digital gap of the Italian population.
In order to support the utmost digital inclusion and support the education of the technologies of the future, accompanying the country’s digital transformation process.

In this way CERTIPASS concretely supports the #Italiadigitale2026 plan included in the PNRR:
Bridging the digital skill gaps, with at least 70% of the population being digitally capable.

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Amazon science has included Certipass among the most innovative companies that use the biometric recognition system to improve the processes and experience of the users.

CERTIPASS has been working for over 10 years in the IT certification and eLearning sector.
It has managed to combine the innovation of the online training and certification with the seriousness of a qualification recognised by Accredia and MIUR, valid in public calls, in CV and as formative credit.
To ensure the necessary quality and accuracy requirements, CERTIPASS has elected Amazon Rekognition as a partner to implement a biometric recognition system for online exams, able to guarantee the identity of the user who acquires the EIPASS certification.

Amazon’s interest in Certipass is an important recognition of the commitment to ensure streamlined and effective procedures that can improve the experience of users who, for necessity or convenience, choose and online certification path. Without sacrificing maximum security, transparency, objectivity and fairness.

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CERTIPASS has entered into an agreement with The Telematic University Pegaso International, based in Malta, for the training of its students in the IT field, with the aim of promoting contents that reinforce key skills, as part of professional training project and strengthening the immediate employability of their students.

The common goal is the maximum diffusion of the digital culture which allows to develop the ability to know how to use digital and information technologies with awareness and critical spirit, essential support for the social, professional and economic growth of all the citizens of the 21st century globally.

The sectoral Committee of accreditations, certifications and inspections (CSA CI) of Accredia, the Institute of Italian certifications, has deliberated the accreditation on 13/12/2018, in the scheme of PRS, for the Professional “User qualified for the computer in accordance with the scheme EIPASS 7 Modules Standard and following the European e-Competence Framework CWA 16624-1, 2, 3”.

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CERTIPASS obtains accreditation from the Ministry of Education, University and Research, according to the directive 170/2016, as a recognised and qualified body for the training of school staff.

The accreditation recognizes subjects outside the school world who offer training for managerial, teaching, educational, administrative, technical and auxiliary staff.

The EIPASS training catalogue is made available on the MIUR Training Governance platform.

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CERTIPASS participates to the ICT group del CEN (the Institute of standardisation of the European Community) with the representors of the several European member state.

The group’s goal is updating the e-Competence Framework for ICT User (e-CF), the standard that provide a reference point, a common language in order to describe the digital competences for the resume, and be understandable by the citizens, institutes and employers.

The first EIPASS Day Albania was created by the CERTIPASS representative, distributor of EIPASS certification in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia-Erzegovina.

The courses are for both private and public Albanian schools.
For the occasion, the program was presented in three different cities: Tirana, Durres and Shkodra where Representatives of the Ministry of Education and the boards of Education of the respective cities actively participated.

This event consolidates the presence of CERTIPASS in Albania, with the presence of numerous Ei-Centers authorized to issue EIPASS certifications.

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With over 6000 preferences expressed from all over the world on the official website of the Best Practices Award for innovation of Confindustria, CERTIPASS ( an Italian company operating internationally in the certification of digital skills, was awarded the prestigious “Network award – Best Practices Award for the innovation Confindustria” with the DIDASKO project

104 organisations participated in the award, they were divided into BP and Upstart sections.
With a very highly competitive level of projects, all of international value dedicated to the environment, research, health, new technologies, which in the Confindustria headquarter in Salerno, gave rise to two days (28 and 29 June) of international value.
The Award, now in its sixth edition, conceived and promoted by Giuseppe De Nicola, President of Confindustria Salerno, Innovative Technological Services Group, it is one of the most important events of the national Confindustria system.

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The EIPASS title, shortly after the launch of the first certification courses, has been recognized as valid score for the public rankings of school staff by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, which includes it in the calls for tender.