Become an EIPASS Promoter

The EIPASS promoter is intended to promote and disseminate the service of EIPASS certification through its own channels, having the means and professional networks to carry out the relevant activities.

The promoter has the task to support students for the purpose of enrolment in the EIPASS certification programmes.

The promoter will enroll the students in the relevant EIPASS certification programmes through a personal link on DIDASKO platform.
Thanks to this link the promoter will be entitle to a commission on the amount paid by the student recruited.

The user will then be able to access the course on the online DIDASKO platform.


  • authority to promulgate all EIPASS certifications;
  • assistance by dedicated and qualified tutor during the initial phase;
  • free disposal of advertising and web marketing material periodically updated;
  • access to a reserved area on the DIDASKO platform, available on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week, in order to check the applicants and commission;
  • no obligation to purchase a set amount of certifications
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