Candidate Rules Agreement

1. Biometric data (where applicable)

As a guarantee of the provisions of our management system, upon first accessing your reserved area on DIDASKO, you must authenticate yourself by providing your biometric data (by acquiring your face, such as “passport photo”). It is therefore essential that your PC is equipped with a webcam (otherwise, you will have to use a smartphone or tablet).

The recorded data (a code created by algorithms that will work the image based on certain points of the face) will be compared with those recorded randomly by the system during the exam. If they do not match, the test will be blocked and CERTIPASS will receive an information note. To learn more about data collection and storage, read the section “Categories of biometric data collected (where applicable)” of our privacy policy.

2. Management of space and objects

The exam must take place in an environment:

  • enclosed in walls,
  • with a closed door,
  • free from noise sources.

No one else should enter the room during the testing session.
In the room there must not be:

  • additional monitors (must be disconnected and out of reach),
  • additional computers (must be turned off and monitors must be blacked out)
  • wall decorations and posters.

The desk on which the computer or laptop on which the exam will take place is located must be completely empty and the following items must be removed, which must not be within reach:

  • books,
  • notebooks,
  • Post-it,
  • written notes,
  • writing tools (such as pens, highlighters or pencils). Whiteboards need to be clean.

During the exam, it is not possible to access the following types of personal items:

  • laptops or other electronic devices,
  • pager,
  • watches,
  • wallets,
  • bags,
  • hats (or other headgear),
  • coats,
  • books,
  • notes,
  • any other material that is not essential for the operation of the computer or laptop on which you will take the exam.

3. Security

At the time of the exam, the DIDASKO window must be full screen.
Once the test is started, the Focus Window Protector system is automatically activated: from this moment you will no longer be able to exit or reduce the DIDASKO window.
If you do, the exam will be blocked and canceled instantly.

4. Activities and interactions

During the exam:

  • it is not allowed to take a break, for any reason,
  • it is not possible to eat, drink, smoke and chew gum,
  • no assistance is allowed; no one else can enter the room during the testing session or see, in any other way (for example, software such as TeamViewer), the computer screen with the questions to be answered,
  • you cannot use specific materials for the exam or note sheets, whiteboards or any other writing tools, such as pens, highlighters or pencils.

5. Taking responsability

Before starting the test, you will need to accept the following online assumption of responsibility:
I declare:

  • to personally and directly carry out the examination test as the only person-user registered and authorized to access the account of this online course;
  • to carry out the exam in total autonomy, without the aid of additional mobile devices (mobile phones, PDAs, smartphones, tablets, etc.), fixed devices (personal computers) and / or paper didactic tools (books, handouts, notes, etc.);
  • to take the exam without any assistance or support from third parties;
  • to take responsibility for any consequence, including civil and / or criminal, that may derive from conducting behaviors other than those described in the previous points;
  • to release CERTIPASS from any type of liability, including civil and / or criminal, which in any way should arise in relation to the use of the account and, specifically, to the performance of the exam, as a result of one’s work, if it does not comply with what is indicated in the previous points.

6. Other important information

You cannot copy or record the exam questions and answers in any way and you cannot share or discuss with others the questions or answers seen during the exam.
If you do not comply with the Candidate Rules Agreement or are suspected of software irregularities or tampering, CERTIPASS may cancel your certification and prohibit your participation in other EIPASS certification programs in the future.