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The network

EIPASS Services are distributed through the network of Centers authorised by Certipass to issue EIPASS certificate, all over the world.

The EIPASS network operates by means of the synergy and collaboration between all those who, whilst dedicating themselves to the promotion of IT literacy through the provision of EIPASS certification programmes, work daily to increase and promulgate digital culture with the unstinting dedication and conviction.

The entity or organisation that opts to join the Network becomes a point of reference in its territory for all applicants who wish to acquire, certify or update their ICT skills by means of the EIPASS.

Those eligible to join the network:

  • Public and private educational and training Centers
  • Educational Institutes of all levels
  • Universities
  • Associations
  • Public Administrations entities
  • Companies

To qualify as an EIPASS accredited Center is synonymous with innovation, quality and international recognition.

A licensed Center benefits from advantages as:

  • authority to provide all EIPASS certifications and related services;
  • assistance by dedicated and qualified tutors during the initial accreditation phase;
  • all necessary support during operational activities;
  • credentials for access to the licensed Center’s reserved area on the DIDASKO Platform, available on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week, in order to manage in complete autonomy;
  • free disposal of advertising and web marketing material, periodically updated.

How a licensed Center works

Each authorised Center, after being accredited and in order to commence operating in complete autonomy, will be provided with a reserved area on DIDASKO, for the planning and management of all the activities, from the purchase to the activation stage of the programme.

To this end, the Center is enabled to access a reserved area for consulting and downloading the support material as necessary to perform its activities.

Once the Candidate’s registration and activation stages are finalised by the Center, the Candidate may then attend the course in complete autonomy and sit the examination at the Centers or at home.

The centralised certification exam system is conceived so that to guarantee impartiality and efficiency in the transmission of the results of each examination.

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