CERTIPASS is the Institution which certifies the ICT Competences with the European Informatic Passport (EIPASS). EIPASS, therefore, is the international standard which refers to the European Community in the area of digital competences.


Accreditation as a certification’s organism

The sectoral Committee of accreditations, certifications and inspections (CSA CI) of Accredia, the Institute of Italian certifications, has deliberated the accreditation on 13/12/2018, in the scheme of PRS, for the Professional “User qualified for the computer in accordance with the scheme EIPASS 7 Modules Standard and following the European e-Competence Framework CWA 16624-1, 2, 3”.

Component of ICT user group

The European directives constitutes the standard to which all the Institutes refers to draft their programme; CERTIPASS obtains the programme more common, EIPASS 7 Modules by 2 sources: the e-Competence Framework for ICT User (e-CF) e the Digital Competence Framework for ICT User 2.1 (DigComp2.1).
The e- CF is published by CEN, the Institute of standardisation of the European Community (https://www.cen.eu/Pages/default.aspx); to realize this standard has produced to the permanent workshop in which CERTIPASS participates actively with the representors of the several European member state.
The general objective of the two standards, overlaying their contents, is the same: to provide a reference point, a common language in order to describe the digital competences for the resume, and be understandable by the citizens, institutes and employers.
In the last edition of the curriculum Europass has been inserted a chart on the previous model which referred to the languages competences and provides a tool used to indicated clearly and with objectivity the level of the digital competences owned. EIPASS is the most suitable title for this purpose.

Accreditation MIUR for the training of school staff in accordance with the directive n. 170/16

Accreditations MIUR for the training of school staff in accordance with the directive n. 170/16.
In its communications on 21/07/2017 the Minister of Education of the University and Research has approved the request of accreditation n. 787, formalized by CERTIPASS on 19/09/2016.
By this date, the training course certified by EIPASS is reserved to the teachers of the school on every levels and grade and recognised by the Italian Minister.