Become an licensed centre

Advantages of becoming an licensed centre:

  • is authorised to provide all EIPASS certifications and related services;
  • a free admission pass is provided for the staff of the centre who will act as EIPASS Supervisor;
  • be assisted by dedicated and qualified tutors during the initial start-up phase;
  • receive all necessary support during training and certification activities;
  • have the credentials of access to own reserved area on the DIDASKO Platform, available h24, 7/7, to manage in complete autonomy the training and the examination sessions.

How an licensed centre works

Each licensed centre, after being accredited and in order to start working in complete autonomy, will have a reserved area on DIDASKO, where to plan and manage all the activities provided, from the registration of the user until the final examination.

The examination shall be carried out in accordance with automated procedures and according to the impartial objective result. In addition, the licensed Centre also has the possibility of private consultation on the activities.

The licensed centre will provide users who want to certify their ICT skills:

  • Ei-Code, unique identification code of the EIPASS candidate, thanks to which the candidate will be able to access the DIDASKO platform to take advantage of didactic material, unlimited exercises and final exam in attendance;
  • Online Courses, thanks to which candidates have the opportunity to train independently with the teaching materials prepared by CERTIPASS (handouts, video lessons and simulations) on the DIDASKO platform.