ICT Fundamentals

Hardware and software, file and folder management, internet and networks, green and safe computer use: discovering the logic and functioning of the computer.
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  • ICT Fundamentals

To be completed within 3 years of registration


  • Defining the function of the computer system by identifying its hardware and software; applying the principles of energy saving.
  • Organising data information correctly, through proper management of files and folders; and improving accessibility.
  • Installing and uninstalling programmes and drivers, protecting system with updates and backup.
  • Identifying the different types of networks and the indispensable elements to connect to the internet.

How can I achieve EIPASS ICT Fundamentals?

EIPASS ICT Fundamentals can be achieved in two ways: in a licensed EIPASS Center and entirely Online.


  • Reserved access on DIDASKO Platform
  • Compatible with PC, mobile and TV
  • Video on demand
  • Handouts
  • Unlimited exercises
  • Automatic tutoring
  • Chat assistance
  • Unlimited access
  • Online Final examination
  • EIPASS Certificate of completion
  • Certificate of Attendance